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PENTAGON: Between power and emotion.

Group PENTAGON is increasingly making an impression.

On May 14th, the Mnet channel broadcast a new episode of ROAD TO KINGDOM. For this first round, PENTAGON have chosen to take over “Very good” from the group BLOCK B, a highly appreciated, dynamic and crazy title.
Before the performance started, the members said: “Our greatest asset is to be freewheeling. We believe that with this characteristic, we can distinguish ourselves from other groups.

HUI, the leader of the group, was inspired by the film “Mad Max: Fury road” to create the atmosphere and the concept of this cover.
The introduction, carried by HONGSEOK tied with chains, fully reflects the savagery that can be found in the feature film.
The group then continued its performance in a more rock tone, but just as crazy.

As you would expect, group PENTAGON surprised the other ROAD TO KINGDOM participants, leaving a powerful impression at the end of their performance.
Some members of other teams even gave their impression: “I watched their cover with my soul” or “it was as if it was their own song“.

After the face to face, which opposed them to the group The Boyz, PENTAGON were classified in second place. KINO then took the floor to express himself: “We have risen to a very good place, yet I cannot help but feel sorry. But I will not give up and I will let my passion burn and burn up because we have other opportunities to prove ourselves.

For the second part of the show, PENTAGON prepared a performance on a mixture of “Shine“, a representative song, brilliant with more than 180 million views on Youtube, and “Spring Snow” with an exciting rock sound. These two titles were chosen because they best represent the history of the group.

This performance means a lot to PENTAGON members. It was indeed the last time the boys went on stage with JINHO before he left for the army.
JINHO said: “This is the last time I go on stage with the members of PENTAGON before I leave for the army, so I will make this performance as bright and fun as possible. I hope you will wait for it impatiently.

Group PENTAGON, which used suitcases as an accessory for its choreography, even included an interactive stage which moved viewers.
The members gave JINHO a gift with a message of goodbye, encouragement and love. The young man then finished the song, surrounded by his friends, showing that despite the tears, he didn’t lose his good humor.

At the end of the performance, JINHO once again expressed: “It is a very beautiful gift. I will keep the memory of this performance until my death and I will remember every moment. I met people who are like family to me, but today I realize that the members of the group are my family.

PENTAGON, who were “shocking” during the first round, and “impressive” for the second, remained in the trends for a long time, even after the show ended.
ROAD TO KINGDOM is broadcast every Thursday.

Journalist: Dinette
Translator: Shawn
Source: Cube Entertainment/Mnet K-POP

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