Thursday, November 30, 2023

RYU SU JEONG: A live call with you.

Makestar attracts the attention of fans around the world with its event “Video Call” for the first solo mini-album “TIGER EYES” by RYU SU JEONG.


According to Makestar on May 20th, the first solo video call from RYU SU JEONG‘s mini-album “TIGER EYES” will be held until May 25th and offers various event opportunities.


RYU SU JEONG made her debut with Lovelyz in 2014 and released her first solo album “TIGER EYES” in six years, attempting a radical transformation with a strong and charming image in addition to the beautiful image she showed.

Right now, RYU SU JEONG‘s video calling event is attracting the attention of fans from more than 20 countries, including Korea, as well as recording a high interest and participation in more diverse countries.

The reward for the video call from the mini-album “TIGER EYES” consists of a starmaker certificate, the first mini-album of RYU SU JEONG, and a different photo-card depending on your participation.

Makestar will choose 30 people for those who bought the SET2-3 “TIGER EYES” from RYU SU JEONG and invite them to the video call “Call Me Tiger Eyes”.

For those who have won but cannot participate in the event, RYU SU JEONG will personally send a handwritten message, a signed CD and a photo.

Makestar is the first platform in the world to connect fans from more than 200 countries with Hallyu stars.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Woollim Entertainment

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