3YE: A performance at the film festival.

Group 3YE organized an incredible performance at the Daejong Film Festival.

3YE (1)

Group 3YE, appreciated for its unique concept, attracts attention by presenting a powerful performance today at the 56th Daejong Film Festival held at the Grand Walkerhill Theater in Seoul.

3YE revealed its charismatic charm by remixing the title “Queen” released in February and “OOMM” released in September last year.

Actors Lee Byung Hun and Park Hae Soo were also unable to take their eyes off the imposing “Girl crush” charm of 3YE and her sharp group dance that seemed to be calibrated and millimetered.

On that day, 3YE wore a white suit with a flower pattern reminiscent of the hanbok (traditional Korean outfit). On top of that, the group added a unique charm by matching Korean accessories such as the hairpin and the Norigae.

The girls of 3YE have emerged as a global group of idols not only in Korea but also abroad.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: GH Entertainment

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