Saturday, September 30, 2023

SEVEN O’CLOCK: A postponed tour

The concert of boy group SEVEN O’CLOCK in the Americas has been postponed until next year.


SEVEN O’CLOCK‘s US tour, scheduled for October, has been postponed until next year. With the enthusiastic support of American fans, the group tried to manage their tour in the United States, but the consequences of Covid19 didn’t subside and the group chose to postpone the tour until next year for the health of the fans. and artists. We ask for your understanding.

SEVEN O’CLOCK announced its challenge by unveiling posters of its US tour to and from five US states, including the cities of Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles, and starting with San Francisco in April, he planned to do further overseas tours in South America and Europe after its tour of the United States, but the choice was made to postpone the tour until next year. SEVEN O’CLOCK is preparing a concert, not face to face, for fans around the world. As it is enjoyed not only in the Americas, but also in various foreign countries such as Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America, the plan is to hold a worldwide live concert in a format online, so fans can receive a refund for their continued support and meet their expectations.

Meanwhile, SEVEN O’CLOCK is a boy group that debuted in 2017 and has grown into a global idol group releasing albums such as “NOTHING BETTER” and “MIDNIGHT SUN“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Forest Network

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