SEO EUN KWANG is engaged in a new fight.


SEO EUN KWANG, leader of the KPOP band BTOB, was the first member to come back from his military service on April 7th. He has, since, been participating to a lot of TV shows, Radios shows, released his first solo album, performed his first solo concert online, engaged in 2 musicals, doing the CUBE TV shows… It seems quite clear that he wants to be active.

That’s how SEO EUN KWANG just engaged in a new fight. Fans have learned, today, that the leader now serves as the Director of the Comittee for Artists’ Rights and Protection of CUBE Entertainment. A fight that sounds long and tough.

Currently, SEO EUN KWANG is performing the musical “SOMETHING ROTTEN” he made a backstage documentary about, to be released tomorrow. The show happens at the CHUNGMU ART CENTER of SEOUL until Octobre 18th. He plays the role of NICK BOTTOM, one of the main characters, with some others stars like LEE JI HOON and KANG PIL SEOK. When this musical will end, he will continue with the musical “GWANGJU” which shows will happen from October 9th until December 11th. He will play with some stars like MIN WOO HYUN or TEI at THE GRAND THEATER OF ART CENTER of Daehak-ro, a place in SEOUL.

Meanwhile, he is also EMC for the CUBE TV show. The teaser of the 4th episode just got released. The KPOP girl group CLC, from CUBE Entertainment, is the host.


Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Photo : BTOB SNS
Source : BTOB SNS



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