Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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BTOB : The 4 members reunited

The members, back from the army, grouped up for their first schedule as 4.


SEO EUN KWANG, LEE CHANG SUB & LEE MIN HYUK just finished their military service while SHIN PENIEL, american citizen, has no military duty.

After welcoming back the members one by one at the end of their military service, fans were waiting for one thing : the 4 members together, hoping for a possible comeback as 4. Done ! The 4 members reunited today to record the show called CUBE TV. For the first time, they officially introduced themselves together, as 4. This made Melody, fans of the band, very happy as there are a lot of reactions on SNS.

3,4! BORN TO BEAT, Hello, we are BTOB !

Arrived at CUBE ENTERTAINMENT to record the next episode of CUBE TV, the singers stroke a pose before entering the studios of the company.


The members were very active since they returned. While SEO EUN KWANG, back since April 7th, participated to a lot of broadcasts, he also released his very first solo album on June 8th and performed his first solo concert (online) on July 19th. He’s also engaged in 2 musicals : “SOMETHING ROTTEN” (temporarily stopped due to covid-19) and “GWANGJU“. He also became, at CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, the Director of the Comittee for Artist’s Rights and Protection. SHIN PENIEL is a radio DJ at DIVE STUDIOS for the show GET REAL, participating with B.M from K.A.R.D and ASHLEY CHOI. LEE CHANG SUB, back since August 21st, is now MC for the show CUBE TV.  Finally, LEE MIN HYUK, back since September 12th only, is recording, today, the next episode of CUBE TV, with the other members.


The members had decided to enlist separately instead of enlisting at the same time to not let SHIN PENIEL alone. They enlisted one by one to be sure that the rapper always had, at least, one member with him. LEE CHANG SUB said, in a video, that BTOB is a family and there was no way to leave one of them by himself.


SEO EUN KWANG said, in some interviews and lives, that BTOB would come back as 4 members as soon as LEE MIN HYUK would be discharged. Of course, they are waiting, with a lot of impatience, for LIM HYUN SIK & YOOK SUNG JAE to come back on 2021, November 14th and for JUNG IL HOON to be back in 2022 February 27th. The band will be reunited for their 10th stage anniversary.

BTOB is a band from CUBE ENTERTAINMENT that debuted in 2012 with the song “Born to beat“.

Journalist : Natacha
Translation : Natacha
Source : BTOB SNS




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