Friday, September 29, 2023
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KANG DANIEL: Interview with COSMOPOLITAN KOREA: GIVENCHY, COVID-19, new album and more

On September 15th, the magazine COSMOPOLITAN KOREA has published an interview of KANG DANIEL in collaboration with the brand GIVENCHY of which KANG DANIEL is the new model.


In the interview, KANG DANIEL talks about his role as a role model for GIVENCHY and in particular the fact that he is described as “transcending gender“. He says that he “never thought he would play a special role in breaking down gender barriers” and that this makes him happy.

The singer also talked about the product for which he poses in the photos linked to the interview “Le Rouge Deep Velvet“, describing the packaging as luxurious and sophisticated. He added that the colour of the lipstick is very beautiful.

Still related to his connection with make-up, the COSMOPOLITAN asked the artist what does he find the most important for his make-up on stage. KANG DANIEL answered that he has a tendency to “give a lot of attention to his eyes” because of the size of them and the light in the musical shows.

Nowadays he also pays attention to his lips, especially with products such as lip balms. He recommends to readers those of Givenchy Beauty.

The interview also tells us how the singer spends his free time in the context of the pandemic. KANG DANIEL said that “it is not very different [for him] because [he is] someone who stays at home very often“. Once the pandemic is stabilised, he would like to go parachuting because he could not do so when he started to get interested in this sport.


He also mentions his latest album, released in August: “MAGENTA“, on which he participated in the writing of most of the songs himself. The singer explains that he “hasn’t had much experience since he’s very homely.

He adds that he does not know how to tell his story in an abstract way so he prefers to find inspiration in films and series or animated films. The artist believes that “Netflix is the best window to the world. That it is through films that one can see the different types of relationships in the world.”

KANG DANIEL also shared his love for the series “American Horror Story” and the films by director Guillermo del Toro such as “Pan’s Labyrinth“.

KANG DANIEL reveals new interests beyond music and dance. He shared watching a lot of dramas and films lately, reading comics or learning foreign languages.


To end the interview, COSMOPOLITAN asked KANG DANIEL to describe himself with a single word, which no one else would have used to describe him. The South Korean singer chooses the words “sun” and “moon” explaining that he “does not want to describe himself with specific words“. He wants to keep his mind at ease, without giving too much importance to those who do not know his music, and not to change. This is the most important thing for him at the moment.

Journalist: Chloé P. & Louise
Translator: Louise

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