ASTRO : A 1st win for MOONBIN and YOON SANHA as a sub-unit

On September 22, MOONBIN and YOON SANHA won their 1st victory in the musical broadcast at “The Show” with their title song “Bad Idea”.


The sub-unit debuted on September 14 with the mini album “IN-OUT” and the title song “Bad Idea”. Thanks to ASTRO‘s fans, called AROHAs, the duet just won its 1st win in a musical show. When the MCs announced the results, both members seemed to be really surprised before having teary eyes. The last win for the group ASTRO in a musical show was on May 13 with “Knock”.

You can watch the performance that led to this 1st place in the video under.

MOONBIN and YOON SANHA keep on promoting their title song “Bad Idea” in many musical and entertainment shows.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : SNS ASTRO

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