P.NATION: Artists of choice!

P.NATION agency introduces its artists.

It is by publishing a family photo that the P.NATION agency created by the singer PSY introudes its 6 artists.

First of all the president and creator of the agency, PSY, if most kpop fans know him thanks to his song “Gangnam style“, the singer is far from having started with humorous songs. Indeed PSY was rather in a Krock style in its debuts and it is one of the Korean artists to fill, by themselves, entire stadiums during its concerts.

The second artist is CRUSH, the hiphop singer RnB is well known for his features and his personal style that knows how to charm music fans. In third we have the singer and rapper JESSI who was part of the LUCKY J trio, then, whom you discovered in Umpretty rapstar. The fourth and fifth artists, although they are full-fledged solo artists, are well known as a couple, they are singer HYUNA and DAWN PENTAGON’s former member. Finally the last artist who has just signed in the agency is the singer HEIZE.

You can follow all the P.NATION’s artists on their social networks @ 42psy42 @jessicah_o @ crush9244 @hyunah_aa @ hyojong_1994 @heizeheize.

After JESSI who made a remarkable comeback with her track “Nunu nana“, fans are waiting for the comeback of singer HYUNA who was postponed due to her medical condition.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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