WEI : Quelques pas de “Twilight”

Group WEI unveils a second teaser for “Twilight“.

WEI, from OUI Entertainment, made up of 6 members JANG DAEHYEON, KIM DONGHAN, YOO YONGHA, KIM YOHAN, KANG SEOKHWA, and KIM JUNSEO uploaded a teaser video for the release of the title “Twilight“.

In the second video teaser, part of the chorus and performance of “Twilight” was revealed, gaining attention. The members of WEI, who showcase their unparalleled physical style in all-white outfits, drew questions about their performance with star-like and butterfly-like hand gestures and gestures that follow whistling riffs.

Top dancers Ji Hong Rak and Ryu Jae Joon, who create unique performances using the charms of each group, were in charge of leading the choreography. It’s all the more exciting as they’ve choreographed for KIM YO HAN‘s solo song “No more (Prod. Zion.T)” as well as for artists SF9 and Kang Daniel.

The album, which will highlight their musical abilities, such as writing, composing all songs and creating choreography, will have a strong identity of the members of WEI.

In addition to the title song, the choreography of the “non-title” tracks received participation from the BB TRIPPIN team who worked with K-pop artists such as Block B, Nu’est, Kim Jae Hwan and Ateez.

Netizens respond by saying, “Congratulations on the debut of WeI“, “Heartheart” and “Everyone worked really hard and they are so cool.

WEI‘s debut mini album “IDENTITY: First Sight,” created by super-luxury producers, will be released on music sites at 6pm on October 5th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS WEI

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