MAMAMOO: MOON BYUL wins with her 3 4-legged animals

MOON BYUL expressed her feelings for winning an unexpected victory with her Health dogs.


In MBC’s “2020 Chuseok Special Idol Puppy Championship“, MOON BYUL, of Mamamoo, took first place in the first competition where idols and dogs interact.

The championship is the first dog sports competition in Korea in which masters and their animals perform several events and communicate with each other.

MOON BYUL appeared with her three Welsh Corgi, Daebak, Health and Lucky. MOON BYUL said, “Daebak is the strongest and Health is the liveliest. Lucky is the sweetest. I want to film three sibling content as a promise to win the championship. If I win the top prize, I want to take this hard work and try it”.


MOON BYUL, who started training with “Park Woon Gang” before the agility competition, chose Healthy, who has strong focus and jumping skills.

MOON BYUL and Healthy, who had low expectations due to the physical characteristics of the Welsh Corgi, elicited enthusiastic reactions for their performance that surprised everyone’s expectations. Healthy was the first to cross the tire in the qualifying round, scoring 120 bonus points at 10:17 am. In the final match, he also won first place with a time of 11.46 seconds and 120 points.

MOON BYUL, who won the championship, said: “I feel like crying. In fact, other athletes’ dogs had long legs, and the fan clubs cheered them on. Thanks to MooMoo and MAMAMOO members, I am very grateful because I think I did well on the goal. “

A fun and rewarding new experience for MOON BYUL.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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