Thursday, November 30, 2023
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B.I.G : Their company talks about the future of the group

GH Entertainment, B.I.G’s company, talks about the group’s activities after Benji’s contract with them was terminated.


On 1st October, B.I.G BENJI announced on Instagram that he wouldn’t renew his contract with GH Entertainment and would leave the group in which he made his debut in 2014. He also explained that from now on, he wanted to work on his solo career.

Today, GH Entertainment released an official announcement on B.I.G’s fancafé where they speak about the departure of the artist and reassure the fans about the group’s future. B.I.G will indeed continue as 5 members, with J-HOON, the leader, who got recently discharged from the military. Here is the translation of the company’s message on the fancafé :

Hello. This is GH Entertainment.
First of all, we would like to thank you for giving a lot of love to B.I.G and we also would like to tell you unfortunate news.
On 30 September, BENJI’s contract with the company came to an end. We have decided to not renew his contract after much discussion and in respect of BENJI’s opinion.
In the future, B.I.G will continue their activities as a five member group, with J-HOON who got recently discharged from the military.
We apologize for causing concerns to the fans with the sudden news.
We wish a new and bright future to BENJI.
Please, always keep supporting B.I.G.
Thank you.

B.I.G is now composed of J-HOON, GUNMIN, MINPYO, HEEDO, and JINSEOK, the youngest member who joined the group in January 2019.

GUNMIN, who recently joined the Japanese-Korean group NIK after his victory on the Japanese survival show G-EGG, will continue his activities with B.I.G.

You can also support BENJI by following him on these different platforms :
Twitter: @baenjii1
Instagram: @baebenji92 
Twitch: @baenjii
Youtube: Baenjii
Naver Cafe : Baenjii Café
Discord: BenSprouts

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence
Source: GH Entertainment

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