Fans gathered on the first week-end of October to celebrate the birthdays of the three GOT7 members born in September.

A few shots of the decorations at the venue.

This anniversary event was organized by GOT7 France and PARK JINYOUNG France, assisted by members of both YUGYEOM France and JACKSON WANG France, and allowed fans to celebrate and enjoy their day all together to an amazing September line related soundtrack.

All the fans located in Paris this weekend were able to link up in a bubble tea shop in the middle of the city to celebrate the birthdays of MARK, born on September 4, of YOUNGJAE, born on September 17, and JINYOUNG, born September 22. The fanbases organized a photo exhibit – coincidently a few days prior to DEF. launching his own, a topic we will come back on in an another article – please look forward to it.

Quelques décorations du café – GOT7 MARK.

During these two days, in between tasting a few bubble tea flavors, every fan could meet new people at the table next to them. Fans from all ages, all continents, men and women, parents and their children were gathered to enjoy a nice beverage surrounded by other fans of the group. The coffee shop is packed; all the while every customer complies with sanitary measures, everyone is humming to their favorite tunes of the playlist – that focuses on all the songs that were either written, composed, produced or interpreted by the three celebrated members.

The organizers were giving out wonderful gifts to everyone, from cds to pictures and fanarts, for every fans’ delight.

It was a great opportunity for fans to meet other people that enjoy GOT7’s music, or to discover the band by a lucky coincidence. It was a time of unexpected encounters, to meet fans, a very welcoming and endearing bunch, as well as to listen to new music while sipping on a drink, munching on a snack or admiring the pictures hanging on the walls.

Ahgases from all backgrounds were sympathizing with each other, talking about their bias, their favorite songs, albums and concerts’ experiences. Everyone was chatting about how they discover the group, what they are up to in life, what’s their hobbies, and favorite bubble tea flavors. Shy newbies are sitting next to regulars, discussion was sparking everywhere, some meet up with concerts’ buddies, online acquaintances or share some time with complete strangers. Most promised to stay in touch through social medias.

The party was in full swing, punctuated by the sounds of conversations, humming, laughter, tears and smiles.

Many fans reunited again later during the week-end on twitter especially thanks to the hashtag set up by the fanbases for the event : #.MarkJinJaeDaysInFr

The event was meant to bring joy, energy, emotions and happiness to everyone attending, all under the banner of their appreciation, love and enjoyment of GOT7’s music. Even those who couldn’t come participated to the celebration online through posts, texts, texts, giveaways and face calls.

The fanbases expressed their satisfaction to have been able to carry out this collaboration and were delighted that so many fans had fun at the event.

The anniversary event was thus a success for both the fans and the organizers, it created a joyful atmosphere, new friendships and memories for everyone.

If the band creates a bond between fans, fans themselves also can bond together and gather up to share, to enjoy, to appreciate new experiences with one another.

And its for such things that the organizers, our team, fans and everyone who attended this photo exhibit have enjoyed their weekend outing.

Quelques décorations du café – GOT7 JINYOUNG.

Once again, a huge thank you to the fanbases for their hard work and thanks to all the fans that have gathered to share this fun, pleasant moment.

You can find the fanbases on twitter, please look forward to their updates and upcoming events:





Journalist: Lilies

Translator: Lilies


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