ENHYPEN: The group as a whole

Group ENHYPEN, which is set to debut on November 30th, has posted concept group photos showing the boys’ fresh start.


ENHYPEN posted group and unit photos for its debut album “BORDER: DAY ONE” on its official SNS at midnight on November 10th.

In the published photos, the ENHYPEN members are lying in a field at dawn, covered in dew and all looking in the same direction. The seven limbs finally come together in one place, lying on top of each other hugging each other, drawing attention like a “connected” figure.

In another group photo ENHYPEN are standing side by side, still in a field that begins at the edge of the forest. The seven members maximized their childlike beauty by pairing accessories like long leather necklaces, berets and keys to define their appearance, perhaps because they are comfortable and free-spirited.


In particular, the scars left on the faces of some members portray the situation of ENHYPEN, which has started to take a step towards a new beginning, after completing its difficult journey.

In addition, in the same context, the boys posted pictures in unity, allowing everyone to focus a little more on each member.

ENHYPEN has previously posted individual “DUSK” and “DAWN” version photos. The “Prince look”, a marriage of a colorful ruffled shirt and a black velvet jacket, revealed the visual and classic beauty, overwhelming the gaze of fans. Interest is growing in ENHYPEN‘s promotional content, which stimulates fans all over the world by posting various teasers.

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN will make a surprise debut with “BORDER: DAY ONE” on November 30th. Previously, Mnet’s exclusive reality TV show “ENHYPEN & Hi”, which features their first process, will premiere at 8:30 pm on November 11th. It will be broadcast live via Mnet, the Mnet K-POP and Big Hit YouTube channels, and it will also air simultaneously on Abema in Japan.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Belift Lab

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