Friday, December 1, 2023

GOT7: GOT7 is back.

The band GOT7 will be back with a new album on November 30th!


On November 8th, the group GOT7 revealed through its official accounts the date of their upcoming comeback that will occur on November 30th.

It’s with the album “BREATH OF LOVE: LAST PIECE” that GOT7 will make its second comeback this year. There will also be a single “Breath” which will be released on the 23rd, one week before the official album release.

This new album will be the group’s fourth full album, following the last to date, “PRESENT: YOU,” released in 2018.

Three photo teasers have been revealed so far, and they can be deemed as akin to the group’s former projects. The fans immediately pointed it out and greatly appreciated the similarities. It’s a simple yet sophisticated style that arose from the two group pictures. Time seems to have been stopped, the seven members find themselves frozen in these icy photographs while the world keeps spinning around them. Such a mysterious atmosphere intrigued fans from all around the world. Between neutral colors, blue and pink lights, GOT7 members are ready to showcase another of their many artistic facets. 

Following these first announcements, the band was trending worldwide on various social media, fans shared their impressions, theories, excitement, joy and enthusiasm thanks to the hashtag #GOT7_BreathofLove_LastPiece on Twitter, among others.

All the boys shared the announcement on their own social media accounts.

Many hope to see the seven members involved in the music production of their upcoming album.

If the signature sound of the album remains unknown, it has not stopped fans from all over the world to pre-order the album of their favorite band. The album “BREATH OF LOVE: LAST PIECE” was thus at the top of the sales of the sites like Ktown4u and Synnara.

Promotion activities will indeed start soon: GOT7 JACKSON, JINYOUNG, BAMBAM and YUGYEOM will be joining the popular KBS2 show Idol Quiz sometime this week.

What do you think of these teasers, are you ready for this GOT7 comeback?
We cannot wait to hear their newest album! May this comeback and its promotion be successful for GOT7!


Sources: SNS GOT7 Official, NAVER



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