BENJI : A fan meeting with surprise guests

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BENJI invites HONG ISAAC and ZAIRO to join him for his first fan meeting as an independant artist.


BENJI is a former member of the group B.I.G. Since the end of his contract with his previous company, he has been busy with his solo activities. He is really active on SNS, especially on Youtube where he shares his music and on Twitch where he streams frequently.

Really close with his community, he will meet his fans during a fan meeting and share with them two of his passions, music and cooking. This week, he also announced that two surprise guests will join him, HONG ISAAC and ZAIRO, with whom he was in MONÉ, a temporary group created on the show « SuperBand ».


The fan meeting will be held on December 12th in Star’s restaurant. There will be a concert with lunch or diner according to the ticket you booked. HONG ISAAC will be there during lunch and ZAIRO during the diner. BENJI will also teach his fans how to prepare non-alcoholic cocktails, mayonnaise salmon with mashed potato, chicken with mac&cheese, and macarons as a dessert. If you can’t attend the event, you will be able to watch it online. BENJI announced on his Instagram that tickets were still available on Star-ting’s website.
• 25 000 won for lunch or diner online
• 50 000 won for lunch and diner online
• 110 000 won for lunch or diner in person
• 220 000 won for lunch and diner in person


You can support BENJI by following him on his SNS:
Twitter: @baenjii1
Instagram: @baebenji92
Twitch: @baenjii
Youtube: Baenjii
Naver Cafe: Baenjii Café
Discord: BenSprouts

Journalist: Florence
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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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