MCND: The success of rookies around the world

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Foreign media reports on the group MCND continue.


As MCND released the 2ND MINI ALBUM <MCND AGE> on January 8th and made a comeback, a string of favorable reviews from foreign media for MCND and <MCND AGE> garnered attention.

First, “Kpop Starz” in New York expressed great expectations on January 6th ahead of MCND’s return, stating, “MCND is causing a stir on the domestic and foreign K-pop scene.” After the music video and album of the title song “MCND AGE” “Crush” was released on January 8th, US media “PRESSREELS” praised “MCND’s pleasant energy” and “MCND’s stability is proof of their growth“.

On this day, Mexican “K-Magazine” also explained about MCND: “We plan to usher in a new era in K-pop” and “they captivate fans all over the world, including Latin America“. Malaysian My K-Pop Wire said on January 10th that MCND, a “hip-hop freak,” correctly showed playful charm with “Crush.”

The famous Indonesian media “IDN TIMES”, which has always expressed a keen interest in MCND, has released personal articles on members MINJAE, BIC and CASTLE J since 3. In addition, it also reported on the return of MCND, with words of support.

MCND, which is receiving great attention from all over the world beyond Korea, is drawing fans from all over the world by emitting the “hip” charm with its new song “Crush“. In addition, on the platform “TikTok” is organized a new challenge and various celebrities participate to attract attention. Aiki, who rose to fame as the choreographer of Refund sister’s “Don’t touch me”, Lee Jin-hyuk, and UP10TION’s Xiao joined the “우당탕 챌린지 crush_challenge” to support MCND. As MCND enjoys extraordinary popularity on “TikTok”, the “우당탕 챌린지 crush_challenge” is expected to attract attention as well.

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MCND, which began its full comeback with KBS2’s “Music Bank” on January 8th, will be active on the music shows.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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