Thursday, September 28, 2023
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DAY6 : The real reasons of the band’s hiatus and the campaign “From friends” of JAE

JAE, from the KPOP band DAY6, confesses on the trauma that caused the band’s hiatus.


During an interview at ALLURE, the singer gave more informations about his charity campaign « From friends » and confesses on his panick attack that caused the band’s hiatus.

While the band, from JYP ENTERTAINMENT, is on a hiatus since May 2020, the official announcement by the agency was that the members needed a mental and physical recovery. With no more information, the fans are waiting, since then, to know how the members feel and if they are ready to make a comeback soon.

Yesterday, the member JAE did confess, on an interview at ALLURE, the reason why he created, last summer, the campaign called « From Friends », a charity campaign which funds were given to provide free cares for kids and teenagers suffering from mental health.

In April 2020, just before the launch of the last album of DAY6, « THE BOOK OF US : DEMON », the singer felt his heart beating suddenly very fast as he was gasping for air, what he believed was a heart attack. Asking for the taxi driver to take him to the hospital, and after an interview with doctors, he was diasgnosed a suffering from a panick attack.

Firstly, he didn’t tell anyone about this problem, thinking it would be taken as a weakness. He forced himself to work for several days. Up to May 10th 2020 when the company JYP ENTERTAINMENT announced that the band was taking a break.

Since, the singer is under medical treatment as continued his solo projects, such as EAJ PROJECT, while the band is still on hiatus. The songs « Pacman », « It just is » & « Pillows » are songs that were written while he was under medication.

For a while, the doctors gave him the wrong medicine. Two weeks later, the right medicine was given to him.

Today, JAE still doesn’t feel « stabilized » and doesn’t feel like he can move forward. Even when he still didn’t find out the reason of his panick attack, he still announced on twitter that he was feeling better.

“I am alive, I didn’t die.”

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source & Photos : ALLURE



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