BTS: A typically Korean arrangement for RM

On February 11th, at midnight, it was the turn of BTS frontman RM to unveil the furniture and decoration he wants to install in “the ARMYs room”

RM, whose real name is KIM NAMJOON, is the second member to furnish the room that BTS imagined for the ARMYs (name given to fans of the group).

It is no surprise that the piece of furniture chosen by NAMJOON is a shelf on which we can see books. Indeed, fond of literature, it is not uncommon for the artist to share his current readings on networks. In addition, he informs the listener in the vocals accompanying the drawing that it is this type of shelf that he personally uses to display his multiple figurines, a fact that has also been shared through various photos and videos.

Through his choice of furnishings for the ARMYs room, RM shares his attachment to his culture and his traditions. Indeed, the shelf is a sabangtakja, a traditional Korean shelf, while the second object chosen is a moon jar (or Dal hangari). The moon jar is a typical pottery from the Joseon period that was used to store rice, soy sauce or alcohol.

Every day at midnight, BIGHIT entertainment, the group’s agency, unveils new content on social networks to promote the album “BE (essential edition)” which is scheduled for release on February 19th.

Journalist: Omérine
Translator: Shawn

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