JACKSON WANG : A self-scripted MV for his collaboration “Magnetic” with RAIN

RAIN‘s new MV for “Magnetic” in collaboration with JACKSON WANG is out!

A week after the release of “PIECES BY RAIN“, the Korean-Chinese duo revealed the MV for the second track of the album “Magnetic“.

In this black and white video clip, the two singers invite the viewers to visit their exhibition at Sublime Artist Agency. The artists show themselves blending in to the art : dressed in their suit, JACKSON and RAIN appear both on the canvas and in the museum to guide the visitor.

While RAIN qualified JACKSON as a “genius” following the release of the song that peaked at #20 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart, the MV speaks for itself: project by project, JACKSON is getting more involved in the creation of his pieces. For this one, he wrote the lyrics, composed and arranged the song, but he also wrote the script and called on his team to direct and produce the MV. Notably, he worked hand in hand with Mamesjao and Core.A Creative who both worked on GOT7‘s latest MV “Encore“, and with his own team TEAM WANG production.

This collaboration was the occasion for two artists whose steps intertwined without ever meeting to gather around a musical work: first starting at JYP Entertainment, they met years later at Sublime Artist Agency and produced an innovative piece.

Magnetic” marks the launch of many projects in 2021 for JACKSON, among which 3 should be released by the end of March. In the meantime, his featuring with RAIN is out on all streaming platforms here and the MV is available on RAIN‘s Youtube channel.

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine

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