RED VELVET: WENDY will debut solo

WENDY from RED VELVET will be the first member to make her solo debut.

An official with SM Entertainment , said on March 10th that WENDY was working on a solo album with the goal of releasing it in April and that it needed a lot of attention.

WENDY made her debut as the lead singer of RED VELVET in 2014. Although she released a solo song while participating in a soundtrack and other project, this will be her first official solo work.

In particular, WENDY is the first member of RED VELVET to make her solo debut. IRENE and SEULGI formed a duo last year, but have not yet worked solo.

WENDY suffered serious injuries to her face and pelvis after an accident during a rehearsal for the 2019 SBS Music Awards. Since then, she has been dedicated to treatment and recovery for about a year and resumed her activities at the end of Last year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS SM Entertainment

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