LOVELYZ: KEI as beautiful as a flower

The beauty of KEI from the group LOVELYZ attracts attention.


On March 16th, LOVELYZ‘s KEI posted photos on her Instagram with a message saying: “꽃 받았어요 (I received flowers)”. Holding a bouquet of flowers in the photo.


Her beauty caught the attention of the official Lovelinus fan club.

Currently, KEI will be playing the lead role of Hannah in the musical “Song of the sun“, which opens at BBCH Hall at the Gwanglim Arts Center on May 1.

Song of the sun” is a romantic musical about where the young girl Hannah, who sings under the moonlight, meets Haram, a boy as dazzling as the midday sun, and sings the brightest song possible.

KEI plays Hannah, a girl who shines like a star at night. KEI’s delicate acting skills will express the vibrant charm of Hannah, who is blessed with stunning visuals and amazing singing ability, which should elicit an enthusiastic response from music fans.

The musical “Song of the sun“, in which KEI des LOVELYZ will perform as “Hannah”, will debut at BBCH Hall at the Gwanglim Art Center from May 1st.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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