Saturday, December 2, 2023

BTS: Major MV surpasses 100 Million views

The MV (original ver) exceeds the MV of “I need you“.

This Tuesday, March 16th, Big Hit Entertainment announced that the MV of “I need you” original version had just exceeded 100 million views on the group’s official channel.

While the MV of “I need you” accounts for “only” 11 million views on the group’s official channel, it is a longer and original version that fans have praised. “I need you” was released in April 2015 and the original version the following month.

The original version of “I need you“, which is the main title of the mini-album “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE, Part 1“, was censored (only for +19 years) because of violent scenes intended to represent a lost youth.

The title “I need you”, which is one of the main songs of the group BTS, for its fans (the armys) of the first years was a strong change for them. The group having accustomed its fans with pop-hiphop titles like “No more dream“, “Boy in luv” or even “Danger“. But this change was very well received because it once again shows the truth about the suffering Korean youth.

Group BTS therefore currently has more than 30 MV with more than 100 million views on the official channel, with its biggest hits “DNA” 1.2 billion views, “Boy with luv” 1.1 billion views and “Dynamite” 900 million views.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Big Hit Etnertainment

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