BTOB : The battle for the crown has started

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BTOB shows its colors for the show KINGDOM.


The news were shocking for the fans of the group : BTOB, as the sub-unit BTOB 4U, would participate to the very expected and famous show KINGDOM.

When BTOB already shown a different performance for the introduction stage, offering a vocal performance rather than a dancing one, the group, again, showed up different colours for the “Performance film” video uploaded by MNET.

While the first groups that got introduced were showing quite a dark, manly, even agressive performance, the member LEE MINHYUK, selected for this dancing scene, offered a poetic performance.

With an opening that made every Melody think about the song “It’s okay“, released in 2015, whose choregraphy happened all around a microphone with and enlighten stand, the scene here opens on 3 microphones with enlighted stands, in the same way and with a bright and clear atmorsphere where LEE MINHYUK appears after few seconds.

Only dressed up with a black suit at the first sight, the dancer actually wears a jacket all opened in the back, topped with transparent black veils on the back and on the arms. His performance, poetic and soft but still manly, suggests that BTOB might surprise every viewer thinking that they can’t dance.

So, do you think BTOB will be the king?

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : MNET

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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