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The ØFFSHORE crew welcomes spring with their third EP “SCENE 3”.


The ØFFSHORE collective is back with their third self-penned EP “SCENE #3”.

Time to dive into their work: come and get to know ØFFSHORE, the next big thing of the Korean music scene.

ØFFSHORE is a collective of Korean artists, producers, rappers, vocalists and lyricists.

As of March 2021, the crew is composed of nine members – JUNNY, IHWAK, HNMR, ROYAL DIVE, JOMALXNE, MIRROR BOY, DEF. and ROSEINPEACE.


ØFFSHORE, 9 paths, 1 goal : enjoying the music

The crew was formed around 2016 by ROSEINPEACE and DEF. and really came alive through DEF.’s very first SoundCloud mixtape “1/? VOL.1”, in which JOMALXNE and MIRROR BOY featured.

At the time, the crew members evolved under the name PARADISE before ultimately changing to ØFFSHORE in 2018.

A few members joined the collective later on such as IHWAK and HNMR in 2018 or the latest addition, JUNNY, in 2020.

ØFFSHORE has, since then, dabbled with a variety of genres, from mellow KPOP ballads to iridescent and funky R&B, or even upbeat EDM sounds.

They are, indeed, a very versatile crew – working along with a wide range of renowned figures of the KPOP scene and the KR&B scene such as GOT7, EXO members or JEEBANOFF, DEEPSHOWER and many more.

ØFFSHORE prides itself in releasing quality materials, either morphing with the artists’ identity or shaping their own artistry, with a unique approach that not only embraces each member’s peculiar style but also merging their strengths into one, creating new sounds. They are also self-sufficient as a crew, they write, compose and produce their singles and EPs by themselves.

And that no-feature-we’ll-do-it-ourselves leitmotiv is working.

From last addition to the founding members, the crew is composed of accomplished artists who thrive to create, with no restraints of concepts or aesthetics: 

JUNNY, the crew’s last addition, started putting out music on SoundCloud. In order to pursue his dream, he studied music in college before moving to Korea. Heavily inspired by Korean artists, he is now working to make a name for himself as a singer and a songwriter, composing KPOP songs for singers like EXO KAI or BAEKHYUN and collaborating with figures of the KHH scene such as pH-1. He is the one behind the song “Just Stay”.

IHWAK is a producer and vocal director under YG Entertainment. He has worked for various renowned artists within the KPOP scene but not only. He joined ØFFSHORE in December 2018 and he is one of the main vocals of the crew alongside DEF. and HNMR.

Often praised for his incredible and smooth vocals, he also uploads covers on SoundCloud and is the one behind the songs “Weekend” or “Take A Walk”.

HNMR started his music journey in 2015 with producer team 220 volt, a trio made of MIRROR BOY, D.HAM and himself. He produced songs for renowned KPOP artists and also joined ØFFSHORE in December 2018. He has also launched his own solo career the same year, eventually debuting again alongside fellow 220volt members under the name Stable. He is one of the vocalists in ØFFSHORE and is the one behind songs like “Take a Walk” and “Night Sky”.

MIRROR BOY is a rapper and producer who started off as a SoundCloud artist – posting remixes on the platform back in 2014. He is also part of producer team 220volt and Stable alongside fellow ØFFSHORE member HNMR and D.HAM. He produced for DEF. and JOMALXNE among others and he is the one behind tracks such as “Øffshore” or “Just Stay”.

ROYAL DIVE are a duo of producers which pride themselves in combining softer mellow sounds and more upbeat hard sounds when creating. They started making music as a hobby in 2014 and were active within the Hongdae Hip-Hop scene. Shortly after they started working for KPOP artists, quickly earning their gallons, composing for GOT7, late SHINEE member JONGHYUN, NCT TAEYONG or even RED VELVET. They are the one behind songs like “Smoke” or “It’s OK”.

DEF. is a rising talent of the KR&B scene. Widely known for his activities within GOT7, he is also a multi-faceted artist, producer and songwriter for himself, for ØFFSHORE and for other acts. He made his solo debut with the mixtape “1/? VOL.1” in 2016. This mixtape was followed by 5 others, all including ØFFSHORE members. He is now earning his respect as an R&B artist among his peers through collaborations and possible future activities. He is also one of ØFFSHORE’s vocalists and has participated in tracks such as “Just Stay”, “Surfin’” or “Take A Walk”.

Lastly, ROSEINPEACE and JOMALXNE are surely the more mysterious members regarding their paths. ROSEINPEACE is a friend of DEF. from high school, while he met JOMALXNE in middle school. He introduced them in 2016 and they ended up started making music together for fun. JOMALXNE and ROSEINPEACE participated in a Warner Music workshop after the latter opened a studio with DEF. in 2016. ROSEINPEACE is a producer whereas JOMALXNE is one of the rappers in the crew. Both bring a fresh vibe to the crew with songs like ROSEINPEACE‘s Night Sky” or JOMALXNE‘s “Homepage”.

If ØFFSHORE remains fairly discreet, almost mysteriously so, on its craft and members, it is safe to say that each member is a solid addition to the crew for their skills, be it in producing, composing or songwriting.


Scene #3, welcoming spring with 4 new exclusive tracks

ØFFSHORE had previously released its first EP “SCENE #1” in June 2019 showcasing hip-hop and R&B influences in this 6-track long self-written and produced project.

In March 2020, the crew revealed their sophomore EP “SCENE #2” which was quickly followed by the crew first single, a collaboration between DEF. and JUNNY, “CUT #1”. Later on the same year, two more singles, “CUT #2” and “CUT #3”, were also released, featuring JOMALXNE and IHWAK respectively.

On March 31th, the ØFFSHORE collective released their very much awaited new project.

The EP “SCENE #3” was released at 6 P.M KST and then gradually at midnight according to time zones.

The EP contains 8 tracks, varying between upbeat funky and EDM-like melodies, mellow R&B, or even softer ballads. The EP is also guaranteeing its success thanks to an impeccable production that has become an usual occurrence for the crew. The various compositions of the 9 members highlight their personal assets and synergy which makes ØFFSHORE the crew you need to keep an eye on in the near future.

The main single, a mellow ballad titled “Cold Night”, was written and composed by DEF., JOMALXNE, ROSEINPEACE and HNMR. 3 others songs are previously unreleased tracks as well: the song “Call Me (전화해)” was also written, composed and sang by DEF. and JOMALXNE, producers ROSEINPEACE and SAIMON also took part in the making of the song – the very dreamy beat is accompanied by DEF.’s english lyrics and JOMALXNE’s raps. “Wish” was composed by ROYAL DIVE and HNMR, the latter strikes again with his incredible voice on this ballad type of track. Lastly, the song “Cloud” was written and composed by MIRROR BOY and IHWAK, its upbeat melody could surely secure its spot as a summer bop.

The 4 other songs of the EP were released beforehand through the crew’s “CUT” singles and were remastered to appear in “SCENE #3”, already earning spots as fans’ favorites.

The songs address the longing of a loved one’s memory, the feeling of loneliness and uncertainty as well as the bubbly feeling of falling and being in love.

The “SCENE#3” EP and its 8 tracks were a true delight to fans all over the world; offering new songs that are as diverse as they are soothing.

Pleasing the fans and casual listeners right away, all have earnestly enjoyed their raps and smooth vocals on various beats.

They applauded the vocalist abilities as well as lyrical skills paired with the talented composing and producing. The beautifully produced album seduced fans thanks to its relatable lyrics and mellow R&B vibes, climbing up the charts worldwide.

Channeling all their creativity and imagination, fans shared their own analysis of the songs, showing their thoughts and excitement regarding the new EP.

ØFFSHORE fans celebrated this album with the hashtag #ØFFSHORE_SCENE3 on various social networks.

The crew shared its enthusiasm through their social media accounts. 

If versatility is the key to ØFFSHORE’s artistry, forming themselves as a collective – in a scene that lacks prominent acts but still very much relies on crew uplifting each other – will surely secure their spot as a major act of the new wave of R&B artists, from small labels or working as independent acts, who will propel the genre into the spotlight thanks to their skills – showcasing the power of raw talents, from songwriting to producing and so on.

Congratulations to ØFFSHORE for releasing yet another gem of an EP!

What is your favorite song of “SCENE 3”?

You can find the album SCENE #3 here: LINK – ØFFSHORE


Journalist: Lilies
Translator: Lilies

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