Monday, December 4, 2023
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GOT7: DEF. releases a new project with the ØFFSHORE crew.

The ØFFSHORE collective is back with a brand new project titled “CUT#1”.

Cover of the “CUT#1” single.

On June 4th, the ØFFSHORE collective’s members GOT7 JB, also known as DEF., and JUNNY released a brand new single.

The single “CUT#1” was released at 6 P.M KST and then gradually at midnight according to time zones. This project revealed a brand new and awaited duet.

The “CUT#1” single contains two songs and was a true delight to fans all over the world.

The song “Sweet dream” was composed by ROYAL DIVE and DEFSOUL, who is also the singer and songwriter of said track. If the song can deemed as quite similar to what DEF. has already showcased in and out of ØFFSHORE, it surely pleased the fans and listeners right away. They applauded DEF.’s vocal abilities as well as lyrical skills paired with the ROYAL DIVE duo composing skills.

The second track “Just stay” was also composed by ROYAL DIVE with members DEF. and JUNNY as singers and songwriters. Fans have earnestly enjoyed their smooth vocals on a very jazzy and funky beat that could be the greatest anthem for the upcoming summer.

Described as songs “they want people to listen to comfortably to”, this brand new project was a true breath of fresh air for the fans who quickly loved the very much anticipated duo of vocalists.

The single was not only praised for its quality production both in the melody, lyrics and vocals but it was also a success chart wise. It reached first place in various iTunes charts and scored well in the Worldwide Song Chart.

It is also the fastest ØFFSHORE project to reach 100,000 streams on Spotify. The song  “Just stay” broke Scene #2 romantic ballad’s “Take A Walk” 13 days record, taking only 10 to reach such milestone.

Congratulations to ØFFSHORE for this successful release! We cannot wait to see ØFFSHORE’s upcoming artistic growth!

What was your favorite track of the double-single?

CUT#1 is available on various streaming platforms: LINK.


Journalist: Lilies
Translator: Lilies
Source: ØFFSHORE SNS accounts

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