3YE: “Stalker” dominates the scene

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Girl group 3YE stole the splendid stage with “Stalker“.

3YE appeared on SBS MTV and SBS F! L’s “The Show“, which aired on the afternoon of April 6th, and performed its comeback scene with its new song “Stalker“. 3YE’s strong looks and delicate dance lines stirred the hearts of fans. 3YE showed perfect teamwork with female dancers and turned out to be a “knife idol group” (Korean expression expressing perfect harmony and timing).

In addition, the members of 3YE grabbed the attention of viewers with their unique concept outfits. 3YE appeared on stage in navy-colored costumes and dominated the stage with unique charisma.

In particular, 3YE showed off their tricolor charm by boasting of a solid body and a perfect fit.

3YE’s new song, “Stalker“, is an electronic pop genre with a dreamlike atmosphere and strong rhythms, and is a song that stands out for honesty and pride of desire.

The song is produced by Wooziq, who is known for his high quality and trendy music composing “Beautiful” by Wanna One and “Genie” by Golden Child, and Myo, who is active as a DJ and producer.

3YE got started in earnest with its first digital single “DMT (Do Ma Thang)” in May 2019.

Since then, 3YE, who solidified the band’s unique color through “OOMM (Out of My Mind)” and “QUEEN”, has communicated with fans with its debut mini album “TRIANGLE” in June of last year. 3YE, who showed a charismatic performance with its title track “YESSIR“, showed off a versatile girl group by showing off its unexpected charm with the track “ON AIR“.

Currently, 3YE is active with the release of its new song “Stalker” since April 1st.

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Source: GH Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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