G-DRAGON: On the cover for the 13th anniversary of DAZED magazine

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G-DRAGON, rapper, singer, and leader of the group BIGBANG, one of the biggest star of Kpop that we no longer present, has been chosen by DAZED Korea to cover the magazine which is celebrating its 13th anniversary!

G-DRAGON is both an accomplished artist and composer / producer, at the forefront of fashion and the face of Chanel, a lover and collector of works of art. There was only one person so representative and emblematic to celebrate this 13th anniversary with dignity, G-DRAGON!

For its 13th anniversary, DAZED said:

After setting foot on this land for the first time in April 2008, <DAZED> Korea celebrates its 13th anniversary in April 2021. In such a difficult and harsh period, where the difference is still being criticized, we have prepared our <DAZED> as content for our independent readers who support <DAZED> Korea without bias from the start.

The 13th Anniversary Edition of <DAZED> Korea will feature the world’s most iconic and arguably the most <DAZED> person as the person, who loves music and fashion, loves art, who transcends invisible value in life itself, G-DRAGON.

With 8 covers spread out and 58 pages, this edition will be worth keeping. As Chanel’s Global Ambassador, the finest and rawest moments in G-DRAGON‘s life are captured through a creative collaboration with Creative Director Gee Eun and photographer Heejun Kim in the form of fashion photographs. modern.

Finally, works of art made during the photo shoot and interviews never revealed before will also be published. In addition, <DAZED> Korea will present the first parts of “DAZED Art Fair” which we have prepared to celebrate our 13th anniversary. It will truly be a meaningful event where creative works by artists from all over the world, selected through <DAZED> ‘s own views, will be displayed in different locations in Seoul and purchased.

Illustrations made by G-DRAGON during the <DAZED> photoshoot in Korea will also be on display.

Journalist: ipadje
Translator: Shawn
Source: Dazed

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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