OMEGA X: The new super heroes of kpop

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An official logo featuring the identity of the OMEGA X project boy group has been released.

Spire Entertainment released the official logo containing OMEGA X‘s strong identity through its official SNS accounts at midnight on April 6th. The logo, made up of the Greek symbol “Omega” and the letter of the alphabet “X”, caught the eye because it is reminiscent of a powerful superhero from outer space.

The last letter of the Greek alphabet, “Omega”, symbolizes a new beginning, a hope, a dream, an end, a purpose and a direction. This implies that we will be together from the first meeting with our fans until the last moment of making our dreams come true.

In the logo reminiscent of mighty power and possibility, “X” expressed OMEGA X‘s desire to present its fans with endless joy, dreams, opportunities, gifts, love and hope. It means a channel of communication with fans and the media that can convey different values ​​at the same time.

The basic logo colors are black and white. Black is an all-encompassing color, underscoring OMEGA X‘s significance in embracing, embracing fans, society, and various values. White is a color that symbolizes the light of hope, expressing the birth of a new great global group of idols.

Brand Architects, which manages the branding activities of global companies in South Korea and abroad, such as Universal Media Group, and Marvin Lee, an American designer who is also a professor of visual design at Hongik University, participated in the branding work. Professor Lee explained, “OMEGA means a new beginning or a new ending, and ‘X’ is an unknown with endless possibilities, so ‘OMEGA X’ symbolizes constant change and growth.

On the other hand, OMEGA X will be releasing a reality show trailer containing members’ pre-launch processes in a staging format on its official YouTube channel and V LIVE for 15 days starting April 9th. The main reality TV show is scheduled for April 24th.

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Source: SPIRE Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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