HIGHLIGHT: A first comeback before a comeback

Group HIGHLIGHT will return as a reality show.

Around Us Entertainment said on April 7th: “We will present a new entertainment show with the group HIGHLIGHT through Wavve (production SMC & C STUDIO · wavve, planning Lee Ye-ji, Cheon Cheon-hyun, director Ahn Baek -hee) which will be released for the first time on April 16th in the morning.

Group HIGHLIGHT, consisting of YOON DOO JOON, YANG YO SEOP, LEE GI KWANG and SON DONG WOON, are expected to capture the new entertainment adaptation and the unique challenges of the members who returned from the military white flag safely through the show. reality show “반전의 하이라이트 The volt-face of HIGLIGHT“.

In the “Hidden poster”, which was published with the news of the launch of “반전의 하이라이트 The Volt-face of HIGLIGHT“, the members conveyed a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere with bright smiles under blue skies. According to the production team, the new show has a variety of hidden twists that are illustrated in the title “반전의 하이라이트 The Volt-face of HIGLIGHT“, which has attracted more interest.

According to the agency, the members of HIGHLIGHT actively shared the ideas in the pre-meeting and showed unusual enthusiasm, they couldn’t hide their impatience for the release of this entertainment with the whole group, like laughing just watching the faces of others.

HIGHLIGHT, who has been active as “남친돌 (boyfriend idol)” showing off its four-color charm, had a group break due to each member’s military service and showed up with individual activities to appease the disappointment of the fans. More attention is being paid to the exclusive reality show “반전의 하이라이트 The Volt-face of HIGLIGHT“, which will be presented by HIGHLIGHT, who returned with the entire group following the release of the youngest SON DONG WOON in December of last year.

반전의 하이라이트 The volt-face of HIGLIGHT”, the exclusive online entertainment of HIGHLIGHT, will air concept posters and the first teaser before the first broadcast on April 16, each video will be available regularly via “wavve”.

HIGHLIGHT, who is back as a whole, is currently busy preparing its new album.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Around Us Entertainment

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