BTOB : A surprising stage for KINGDOM

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BTOB shows its universe through the second performance for KINGDOM.


Against expectations, BTOB has announce its participation to the show KINGDOM, by MNET. After an introduction stage where BTOB shown different colours with its powerful vocals, the audience was wondering what performance to expect for next stage.

Offering a remix of their more than famous song « Missing you », which was one of the greatests successes of the group, the four members appeared, on stage, dressed in blue costumes, on various poetic atmospheres, surrounded by trees that were looking like cherry trees.

LEE CHANGSUB, hidden behind several white sails, opens the stage in a mysterious atmosphere, fastly revealing his beautiful voice, followed by SEO EUNKWANG, the leader, who showed up on a different stage, surrounded by dancers dressed in white.  SHIN PENIEL, the rapper, appeared on another stage, where the dancers, this time, were dancing behind 4 big white screens, appearing as chinese shadows.

Suddenly revealing the others, the four men, dressed in marine blue, partially danced with sign language, as in the original choregraphy of the song « Missing you », before a break where LEE MINHYUK suddenly appeared alone on another stage, with a saber in his hand.

With several dancers, the rapper and vocalist choregraphied a powerful saber fight that looked like a recall for his first steps on big screen in the movie « THE SWORDSMAN ». Victorious, he removed his light blue tunic he switched for a costume that fit with the 3 other members.

SEO EUNKWANG & LEE CHANGSUB showed, once again, their strong and powerful vocals through amazing harmonies.

With 2 members (YOOK SUNGJAE & IM HYUNSIK) serving, BTOB, from CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, will be able to group up again in November this year and celebrate their 10th stage anniversary with their fans, in 2022.

Journaliste : Natacha
Source : MNET

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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