ONLYONEOF: The group dares to shock

Group ONLYONEOF leads research on social media discussions.

This week the group ONLYONEOF was back with its new track “LibidO“.

In this new song, the boys talk about two beings being drawn to each other as if they are connected by invisible ropes, that there are veins growing between them, inevitably attracting them to each other.

To illustrate these lyrics the boys chose to use the concept “BL” (Boys love) very popular at the moment in Asian dramas. In the choreography the boys use a black rope with which they attract each other representing that power which inevitably attracts two beings. The steps of the choreography are very sensual with their hands sliding on their torsos, movements on the ground …

The 6 members, JUNJI, KB, LOVE, RIE, NINE, MILL and YOOJUNG have decided to go further, leaving to shock, by performing choreographic duets.

The fans are divided for the choice of the concept and the movements, some fans in Asia are shocked by these movements which make think of an act more sexual than sensual between two boys, others on the contrary appreciate it either because it doesn’t there is nothing vulgar and keep it sensual and others approve of the choice to use this concept saying that the minds of people could open more widely.

Compared to other choreography used in the past by certain girl groups it is astonishing that the musical broadcasts are not yet censored certain movements.

Note that the group had already attracted attention with its photo teasers, gradually simulating a striptease. It is interesting to see that the group dares a concept which can shock the Korean mentality on the relations between boys.

Currently the group’s MV is slowly approaching the million views on its official channel.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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