ASTRO : A growing popularity in Japan

ASTRO‘s 2nd full album “All Yours” released on April 5, charted at the first place on the Oricon weekly sales in Japan.


The group came back with a new full album entitled “All Yours” which already topped the Oricon for the weekly albums from April 12th and April 18th. Moreover, the group’s 1st full album “All Light” and 6th mini-album “BLUE FLAME” charted at the 7th and 8th place, and also three more albums entered the TOP10 at the same time. Three weeks after their latest album’s release, the six members from ASTRO keep on stealing people’s hearts in South Korea but also all over the world, showing the group’s growing popularity.

ASTRO, is currently promoting its latest full album “All Yours”, and is preparing the “ASTRO JAPAN ONLINE FANMEETING -All Yours-” to communicate with Japanese fans. This event is set to happen on May 1st.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : Fantagio Music

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