VICTON: Will SEUNG WOO be able to seduce?

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HAN SEUNG WOO from the group VICTON took up his first acting challenge through “사랑#해시태그 Love #Hashtag“.


HAN SEUNG WOO grabbed attention by showing his “pure man” side in the web movie “사랑#해시태그 Love #Hashtag“, which was first published on the Celebe app on the 27th.

사랑#해시태그 Love #Hashtag” is a 10 episode web love movie that combines the love stories of men and women in their 20s and 30s with using various SNS functions such as DM, story, comments , likes and hashtags. HAN SEUNG WOO will play the role of Lee Si Woo, the male protagonist, and show a new chemistry with Kim Chae Ah (Chae Sua).

HAN SEUNG WOO gained attention playing the role of Lee Si Woo, an aspiring singer who receives attention every time he uploads songs he has worked on. HAN SEUNG WOO created the excitement with his quiet but friendly appearance, leaving “likes” on Chae Ah’s SNSs and removing the trash that Kim Chae-ah, who works part-time at a restaurant, missed out on. the place. Meanwhile, famous celebrity Yoo-jung’s offer to collaborate made me wonder if Han Seung-woo could be one more step towards the singer’s dream.

VICTON, the group to which HAN SEUNG WOO belongs, released its first album in four years since its debut earlier this year, breaking its own record of albums and music sources, proving a solid upward trend. HAN SEUNG WOO, who proved his potential as an artist with his solo album “FAME” last year, shows his unmatched potential as a solo icon, expanding his scope after his album.

The web movie “사랑#해시 태그 Love #Hashtag“, starring HAN SEUNG WOO, releases every Tuesday and Friday at 9pm on the Celebe app.

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Source: PlayM Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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