A.C.E: Three members in new romances

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A.C.E. will feature various characters in the “Sometoon 2021” web drama.

On May 3rd, its agency Beat Interactive and Swing Entertainment said, “A.C.E will perform on the soundtrack of web drama “Sometoon 2021“, and three members, JUN (Park Joon Hee), KIM BYUNG KWAN and CHAN (Kang Yoo Chan), will appear in six episodes.

Sometoon 2021,” where A.C.E members are scheduled to appear, is based on the popular webtoon “Sometoon,” which has been released as a series on K-Toon since October 2013. Comprised of a total of 20 episodes, “Sometoon 2021” depicts various romances and love in various relationships, such as blind dates, first love, old lovers and friends, which take place in high school and college.

The three members, JUN, KIM BYUNG KWAN and CHAN, representative of late 3rd gen idols, are expected to appear in a total of six episodes, two each. A.C.E is also set to appear on the “Sometoon 2021” soundtrack, depicting thrilling moments with music only, further amplifying its drama immersion.

Previously, member KIM BYUNG KWAN had challenged himself to act in the web drama “Be my boyfriend” to show the charm of a younger man, while member CHAN also proved his bright and pleasant talent by transforming into a budding rapper in web drama “Twenty Twenty.”

Members of A.C.E are expected to show a more grown-up performance with “Sometoon 2021,” which raises fans’ expectations for their performance.

The investment in the production of “Sometoon 2021“, which is slated to be made by A.C.E, has been joined by Hanteo Global, which manages the global K-pop fandom platform “whosfan”, and Toonid Entertainment, the owner of the original “Sometoon,” and the entire episode will air simultaneously on May 10th 11 am on the Seezn app.

The songs that A.C.E was involved in can also be found on various online music sites with the opening of the drama.

Journalist: Shawn
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Source: Beat Interactive

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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