APINK: SON NAEUN signs as an actress at YG Entertainment

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APINK‘s SON NAEUN signed a contract with YG Entertainment as an actress.


We are happy to have SON NAEUN by our side, who is talented in a number of areas,YG Entertainment said on May 3rd. “We will fully support SON NAEUN, who is in an important position to take another leap forward as an actress.”

Since her debut in the group APINK in 2011, SON NAEUN has been active in music, entertainment, and film.

SON NAEUN, with her innocent yet healthy charm, has also proven herself to be a trending star by gaining attention by being a model of 7 top brands.

She has continued to expand her acting career by building a step-by-step filmography through dramas such as “Dinner mate”, “Twenty again“, “Cinderella and four knights”, “The last blossom” and the movie “The wrath“.

SON NAEUN has announced his appearance in JTBC’s upcoming drama “Human Disqualification,” which is scheduled to air this year. SON NAEUN, who has joined YG Entertainment, which has a large number of actors, is expected to step up her acting activities in the future.

SON NAEUN also discusses various aspects of APINK‘s activities, which marked the 10th anniversary of its debut on April 19th, 2021, with the possibility of positive participation.

YG Entertainment includes actors Kim Heeae, Cha Seungwon, Choi Jiwoo, Jung Hyeyoung, Kang Dongwon, Yoo Inna, Soohyun, Son Hojoon, Lee Sungkyung, Jang Kiyong, Lee Soohyuk and Kyung Soojin.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn
Source: YG Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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