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The boy group VAV returns with a gentle spring breeze.

The album cover and tracklist for the digital single “ALWAYS” hit official VAV’s SNS on May 4-5.

In the posted photo, VAV shows off its refreshing, more mature beauty in pastel-toned costumes, and the comment “I’ll be right next to you as always, no matter what anyone says,” sparks curiosity about the concept that the group will show.

According to the tracklist, “ALWAYS” consists of a total of three songs. The title track of the same name as the album, ACE member’s solo song “Good bye” and “Dry flower“. ACE, who is about to join the military, has been involved in writing and composing all of the songs wanting to convey a part of him to fans.

In particular, the title song “Always” is a medium tempo song that combines simple guitar performances with the vocals of the members, and is another special song for fans after “Sweet heart” released in 2019.

In ACE member’s solo song, “Good bye”, you can feel the affection for the fans as well as the contrast between the piano performance and the sound of the chorus, and “Dry flower” has an addicting chorus and lyrics that express feelings at first sight.

VAV, which anticipated further growth, will begin communicating with fans through a variety of content, starting with the release of its new song “Always” on May 10th.

Journalist: Shawn
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Source: Ateam Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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