BAEKHYUN: An admired vocalist

BAEKHYUN, whose real name is Byun Baek Hyun is one of the members of the group EXO, founded by SM ENTERTAINMENT. He occupies the place of lead singer within the group, in addition to being the leader of the last group, founded by the same agency; SUPERM. He is also a member of the EXO sub-unit; EXO CBX with members CHEN and XIUMIN.


He joined the agency in 2011 as a trainee before actually making his debut in 2012 after being one of the last revealed members. BAEKHYUN had an interest in singing from an early age, therefore, he directly wanted to become a singer, and then participated in various competitions in this field, and meet other young singers like him.

That day, I had an exam, I wanted to make music first and foremost, I was in front of the school building and I was relaxing while taking care to work my vocal cords when suddenly someone patted me on the back. I’m not sure I can call this luck, but this is how I got into SM ENTERTAINMENT.

For his debut, he appeared in the 19th teasers alongside LAY and CHEN. The group was finally shown publicly through the clip “What is love”.

One of his famous terms, which makes a lot of fans laugh, is “kkaebsong”, said on EXO’s show “EXO SHOWTIME“.

Being the lead singer, BAEKHYUN has been granted a lot of soundtracks for various dramas, such as “EXO NEXT DOOR“, a drama revolving around the group EXO, with the members as the main characters. The song is called “Beautiful“.

Or the soundtrack for the drama “RECORD OF YOUTH“, “Every Second“.

In addition to being the lead singer of the group, BAEKHYUN was able to start his solo career alongside. To date, he has a total of three South Korean albums, and a Japanese album “BAEKHYUN”. His solo debut was made on July 10, 2019 with the mini-album “CITY LIGHT”, including the title song “Un village”.

BAEKHYUN ベクヒョン – Get you alone

The following year, he released his second mini-album “DELIGHT” with the title song “Candy” in May 2020, and it was at the end of March 2021 that he released his third mini-album “BAMBI”.


In 2019, in addition to having had his solo debut the same year, he made his debut with SM ENTERTAINMENT‘s new project “SUPERM“. A group founded by the agency to bring together the most “popular” and “strong” members of various groups within the agency. Thus, the group begins on October 4th, 2019, with the title “Jopping” and the mini-album “SUPERM”. A teaser was released for each member before the debut, in order to present the members in their uniqueness.

SUPERM is composed of seven members, of which BAEKHYUN is the leader, KAI (EXO), TAEMIN (SHINEE), MARK, TAEYONG (NCT 127), TEN and finally LUCAS (NCT, WAYV).


Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn

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