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NCT DREAM: D-5 before the big day

The sub-unit of the group NCT under the label SM ENTERTAINMENT, NCT DREAM has revealed all of its teaser photos for its first full album “HOT SAUCE“, and is set to make its comeback on May 10th, for more and more impatient fans.


The comeback announced last month is making great strides. It had been announced for this May 10th, 2021, with a whole program of teasers before the big day. NCT DREAM has not stopped spoiling its fans for a while, between series of videos, cover of member CHENLE with KUN (“Free love”), member of WAYV, radio with HAECHAN, etc …

Three versions of teasers had been planned, for three distinct versions of the same album “HOT SAUCE“: “Crazy Jalapeños”; “Boring Jalapeños” and “Chilling Jalapeños”. The latest “Chilling Jalapeños” teasers have been released, giving way to new announcements about the band, and also giving way to growing fan expectations.

For these last photo teasers, the title “Chilling” (idea of resting, decompressing), fits very well with the mood of the photos of the members. HAECHAN, CHENLE, JISUNG, JAEMIN, JENO, RENJUN and MARK are all seven posed outdoors, photographed as if they were relaxing. By the way, this will be MARK’s first comeback, being also a member of the NCT 127 sub-unit with HAECHAN, within NCT DREAM, after the latter’s departure. Indeed the concept of this sub-unit, in addition to wanting to be composed of the youngest members of NCT, also wanted that, once the members exceeded a certain age, the latter left the group.

It’s also for MARK’s return for a full unit album, which fans are so looking forward to. The member made his debut in the group, and has always been very close to the members. CHENLE, JISUNG, JAEMIN, JENO and RENJUN continued the group’s career with HAECHAN until this official announcement, for MARK’s return to the band. Moreover, these members didn’t leave the fans without news, and were pursuing more or less various activities, JAEMIN created an account on the Instagram platform, CHENLE continued his radio show as a DJ after RENJUN.


May 11th, 2021 “7DREAM RETURN! 7+ 맛 = SHOW ’” to offer performances and games, as well as talk sessions, to talk about the comeback. In particular, it was announced that the members will perform on old title songs such as “Ridin” and “Boom”.


Finally, NCT DREAM released a video today to share the vibe of the song “Dive into you“, which will be part of the album.

See you on May 10th, to see the lead of this first full album of the group!

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn

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