VAV : A comeback is scheduled on May 10

7 months after the release of “MADE FOR TWO”, VAV announced a comeback with the song “Always“.



The members were talking about this for quite some time, VAV is finally back on May 10th with a digital single ! This release date is not a surprise because it is also the day of ACE‘s departure for his military service, we suppose this date was chosen so vampz don’t get too sad about the prince of VAV‘s departure.

Of course this single will come out with a music video, but the release of a physical version of this single is not planned. Thus, if you happen to go spend some time on Twitter, be careful of the spoilers of the new song ! During a fanmeeting in South Korea, VAV took the opportunity to share with vampz their new songs, and obviously some fans got in on tape. We heard the first minute of the song, and we will not tell you much about this but we can clearly hear VAV‘s signature.

Let’s meet again on May 10th for the release of “Always” ! We hope that you are as excited as we are !

Journalist: Solenne
Translator: Solenne
Source : SNS VAV

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