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MECHILLING x LOZIK : An M/V, a story

DRAFT DAY” is the result of the collaboration between the two hiphop artists LOZIK and MECHILLING, the project is now an album, a music video, a short film… Discover today the work of these two artists who are worth listening to!

The album “DRAFT DAY” is made of 7 tracks:

  • 01. “AD & BRON” (prod. juneheeBae)
  • 02. “OUTSTANDING” (prod. SXPPLY)
  • 03. “PLAYOFF MODE” (prod. RellyMade)
  • 04. “TOP FLOOR” (prod. Chris Rich)
  • 05. “TAMSAC” (prod. VENXM)
  • 06. “가고있어 (GA GO IT SIR)” feat. TRUE KIM (prod. juneheeBae)
  • 07. “OUTSTANDING” (J Nilly Remix) (prod. J Nilly)

The project has been inspired by basketball. We can read a note from the Americain DEAN SMITH, a basketball player and professional trainer that introduce the music video of “OUTSTANDING“:

“Basketball is a beautiful game when the five players on the court play with one heartbeat.” – DEAN SMITH

In order to illustrate each song of the project, the duo rappeurs LOZIK and MECHILLING teamed up with a music video director AMEN2EYMEN.SOKO and created an 18 minutes short film video.

In a rather black and white atmosphere, the message of “Road to success” is pretty easy to feel.

“There are many NBA players’ names dropped in lyrics and other basketball references.” – MECHILLING

With some rap/drill sound and a visual inspired by crime and abandoned places, the duo develop and show off their talents in Seoul’s streets.

“We had tried pretty hard to find as many “hood” places in Seoul, Korea, to give that feel and implement a little bit of story into the video as well like some gangsta movie things.” – MECHILLING

If MECHILLING‘s name sound pretty familiar to you it’s probably because KSTATION TV has mentioned him before since he is one of JAMES AN‘s collaborative artist on his mixtape “EDUCATION“. He appears in 2 songs “MODEL MINORITY MYTH” and “OFFICIAL” which has been release on April 2021.

The artist has made a lot of official singles, some music videos and 2 albums with “DRAFT DAY“.

LOZIK, he, has been active since 2016 and has created a lot of singles too. With 2 solo EPs and some music videos as well.

You can now watch the M/V Short Film on Youtube and support both artists on their social media !



Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: Mechilling, Mechilling SNS, Lozik SNS

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