KANG JOON KYU: New agency for the former member of “MYNAME”

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Actor KANG JOON KYU, a former member of boy group MYNAME, was released prematurely (finished the army) due to a knee injury. KANG JOON KYU, who improved a lot from his treatment at the same time, signed an exclusive deal with his new agency C-Jes Entertainment and made a leap forward as an actor.


KANG JOON KYU debuted with boy group MYNAME in 2011 and released a number of tracks including “Message“, “Hello and goodbye“, “Just that little thing“, “Baby I’m sorry” and “Just tell me.” He has been active between Korea and Japan and has established himself as “the next generation Hallyu idol” by dominating the daily Oricon rankings several times.

JANG JOON KYU became an actor after his career with “MYNAME”. He has shown endless potential as an actor by performing in various fields such as dramas, films and plays tcomm “일등급 인간“, Wem drama “Pocket boy friend“, “Beautiology“, the joint film Korean-Japanese “사이고노리스토란테” and “특송“.


KANG JOON KYU, who is expected to be more active in the future, joined the military in June last year and fulfilled his national defense duty. However, it was belatedly revealed that he was released prematurely due to a knee injury.

KANG JOON KYU said over the phone with OSEN on May 4th:

“I had check-ups on my knees in my early twenties, but there was an injury. I think my knees were in bad shape when I was an idol, but I didn’t think it would be that bad.

KANG JOON KYU said, “I think my knee was under pressure during training, after joining the military. He said the exam was done in military hospitals, and it would be difficult to continue, adding that surgery would be necessary. I went through the process and was dismissed from my post earlier because of the Department of National Defense ruling that normal service was impossible.

KANG JOON KYU showed his enthusiasm by imagining himself in the military in an interview with OSEN before his enlistment and after being dismissed from his post, KANG JOON KYU, who was unable to complete his period of military service due to of his early release from the military, expressed regret, saying, “I am heartbroken and upset that I cannot complete my tour of duty.”


KANG JOON KYU said, “I manage my knees while exercising like I’m rehabilitating myself, so I’m much better now. But I think I’m going to have to have surgery someday.”

KANG JOON KYU is preparing to meet his fans as an actor by signing an exclusive deal with C-Jes Entertainment.

KANG JOON KYU said, “I don’t have any special plans now, but I want to show fans good performance through good works.”

C-JES Entertainment said, “We will give full support to KANG JOON KYU, who shows endless possibilities based on his passion and potential for theater.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: C-jes Entertainment / OSEN

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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