NCT DREAM: The group keeps winning victories

NCT‘s sub-unit, NCT DREAM, which made its comeback on May 10th, continues to claim victory on music broadcasts in promotions for the album “HOT SAUCE“.


The group, being made up of the youngest members of NCT, HAECHAN, MARK, JISUNG, JAEMIN, JENO, CHENLE and RENJUN, has recently won victories in musical shows such as M.Countdown, Inkigayo or even Music Bank.

NCT DREAM made its comeback with the full album called “HOT SAUCE” on May 10th, 2021, a comeback that was announced in March. The seven members then gathered together to present to fans, in addition to additional content such as shows and content on their YouTube channel, the performance of the title song “Hot sauce” on the set of various musical shows, in addition interviews that the group provides as part of its promotion.

The clip has already accumulated an astronomical number of views, indeed, it is already more than 80 million views, which is still a certain record. A record that had already been reached with the NCT 2020 project, where the group’s clips gained a large number of views in a short time. The album “HOT SAUCE” has sold over two million copies worldwide in a short period of time as well, right from the opening of preorders.

This week, the group totaled five wins on South Korean music broadcasts. The fans were very excited and happy to see the band back on stage, so they can be even happier with all the victories the band has had so far with “Hot Sauce”.

NCT DREAM had its first win on SHOW CHAMPION, followed by a string of victories through subsequent shows.

NCT DREAM is set to make a comeback in July, with the repackage of the album “HOT SAUCE“, by then the latter has plans to provide content to fans on its various SNS.

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn

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