JOHN OFA RHEE : Son nouvel EP album

On 26th May, singer-songwriter and producer John OFA Rhee’s released his brand new EP, “SUNSET BLVD.”. The EP is part of his first full-length album project, “BLEEDING IN SUNSET BLVD.”. The album is expected to be released in July in its entirety.

The EP “SUNSET BLVD” is consisted of a total of 4 songs – ”No thing”, “Friday nights (w/ bottle gods)”, “Stay” and “Crazy(Studio Live Ver.)”

The title track “No thing” is a confession of love and showcases a well blended mixture of hip-hop and bossa nova, with catchy melodies that echo throughout. “Friday nights (w/ bottle gods)” describes one’s exhaustions towards long weekend nights, supported by a catchy string-arrangement like guitar melodies. “Stay” paints a picture of two so-called lovers caught in a conflict where one always tries to catch the other, backed up by a consistent drum groove supported by the bass and electric guitars. “Crazy (Studio Live Ver.)” a song initially released back in 2018 is reborn with a new live arrangement.

No thing” will be the first music video to be presented for the EP. To compliment the cheery nature of the song, animator “@_and1and_” depict the story with his/her lovely goblin-like character as the protagonist, along side hidden cameo’s featured throughout the video.

Following his first EP [bleeding in] released back in April, John OFA Rhee continue to unravel his story accompanied by a wide variety of emotional expressions through various musical genres. These 2 EPs capture an obvious point of contrast, naturally feeding the curiosity of the full album to grow further.

 The EP [sunset blvd.], is now available on all streaming platforms. Music videos are to be found on YouTube.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : La Bosé

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