Saturday, September 30, 2023

D1CE: Some lyrics from “Happy birthday”

WOO JIN YOUNG from D1CE has released a clue for his first solo song “Happy birthday“.

D1CE Entertainment posted a video spoiler for WOO JIN YOUNG’s debut mini album “3-2 = A” on its official channel and SNS on the afternoon of June 3 and announced his upcoming debut.

In the video, the lyrics of the title song “Happy birthday” from “3-2 = A” appear as “갈증 이 타 버린 뒤에야 / 침 튀겨 튀겨 불 나게 뛰어 / 이성 을 잃어 리셋 기억 / 나 빼고 싹 다 치워” accompanied by intense rhythms.

In particular, the unique voice of WOO JIN YOUNG shouting “Happy birthday” at the end of the spoiler video amplified the excitement of the fans.

WOO JIN YOUNG will be releasing his debut mini album “3-2 = A” at 6pm on June 9th and will begin his solo debut. The new album contains six tracks with various personalities, including the main track “Happy birthday“, “Rrr”, “Room”, “Lock”,초저녁 (Early evening)” and “굿밤 (Good night)“.

In particular, WOO JIN YOUNG showed his abilities as an artist by being named in the credits for writing and composing all of the songs on the mini album. On top of that, producers bayb and Nu;face, who have worked together since the early days of D1CE, produced the song, raising the bar to perfection.

As the suspicion of the debut solo album gradually lifts, fan interest intensifies day by day. After the medley, dance preview and music video teaser, WOO JIN YOUNG will release his long-awaited debut solo album on June 9th and begin his full-fledged activities.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: D1CE Entertainment

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