B.I.G: Newsletter of the week

A week is ending, here’s what happened in B.I.G‘s news.


B.I.G is a group under the GH entertainment, they made their debut in 2014 with the song “Hello”.
B.I.G have stood out thanks to their covers of arabic songs since 2019 but the group also covered some other foreigner songs as the japanese song “Lemon”GUNMIN and HEEDO also participated to the cover of the song “Con Calma” made by the group 3YE. Also now, GUNMIN is a member pf the japanese-korean group, NIK, from the program, G-EGG. JINSEOK is currently participating in the show “Voice King”.

Tuesday, June 2nd

HEEDOstarted his week, by posting a photo on his Instagram, all dressed in pink.


Tursday, June 3rd

Through the Fancafé, it was announced that GUNMIN and HEEDO, will hold a live on B.I.G’s Youtube channel, on June 11th 2021.

Also, on the same day, HEEDO, posted a reel on his Instagram, in which thanks to a filter, he turns into a cartoon character.

Friday, June 4th

The calendar available on the fancafe of the group, was updated this week, GUNMIN, HEEDO and JINSEOK, will participate in the 14th Arab Cultural Festival, held in Seoul, on Wednesday, June 9.

Also, summer is coming soon and HEEDO seems to be looking forward to it in his latest Instagram post.


Journalist: Chris
Translator: Chris
Source: B.I.G SNS

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