ATEEZ : The group reveals a behind the scenes video from show “Kingdom”

On June 14, ATEEZ unveiled a practice video for a performance from “Kingdom: Legendary War”.


This video shows the members arriving at the dance studio and practicing to show the best stage ever for the show’s first round. ATEEZ has been ready to rock this stage, practiced each detail for a better stage and choreography. The seven members even practiced and changed some of the camera work for a perfect stage. Many accessories also gave off a more powerful vibe and were necessary to create a realistic yet mystic stage with the use of weapons and pirates’ accessories.


These behind the scenes videos are revealed little by little on ATEEZ‘s official YouTube channel. JONGHO, the group’s main vocal, already attracted people’s attention during the live performance reaching an incredibly high note. His vocal skills amazed many people as it is already shown on the practice studio. The released video is a good way to highlight the members’ skills while showing a good chemistry and a powerful dance to create the best performance ever

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : KQ Entertainment

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