Friday, December 1, 2023
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SF9: The comeback’s firsts teasers

After the announcement of the comeback last June 1st, SF9 publishes the first teaser of the latter.

From the first images of the teaser “TURN OVER” we see a golden snake that is not unlike to the one that was present in their last MV Summer breeze but much smaller. Here we can see that the latter has grown and is growing. In addition, it is also related to their other MVGood guy since the latter was the famous bracelet that in summer breeze had turned into a snake. It is a correlation between their different MV that shows that SF9 evolve as well as their popularity.
This famous snake slips straight under the roots of a magnificent white tree that seems to be extinct and we can see the boys arriving, positioning themselves in front of this large plant and a few moments after the tree gradually takes a black color, like the uniforms of each member, does that mean they come back to life? We may know it in the next teasers or in the MV! We will have to show a little more patience!

Moreover, today, June 22nd, they released the first two teaser images for the upcoming 9th mini album that will be titled “Turn Over” and the future MV “Tear Drop”.  They will be released on July 5, 2021 at 6PM (Korean time). One of the two images of the teaser we can see taro cards where inside there are Rune symbols and words representing their meanings but also a wink to their latest album entitled “Glory of Us”. The first symbol, WUNJO, represents joy and happiness symbolizing success, inner victory in line with the word “glory” inscribed on the map. The second one, KENAZ, the flame, the torch, the convalescence that is the symbol of artists, of passion, of good health that goes rather well with the word “chance” written on the card. And finally the third one, EIHWAZ, represents yew wood, death, birth which is correlated with the card of death in the taro but also with the word “change” inscribed on the card since often this card means a positive change as negative. We can also see on each map the S, the F and the 9 in a small circle and “Sensational Feeling” the full name of the group.

SF9 is a FNC Entertainment’s group consisting of YOUNGBIN, INSEONG, JAEYOON, DAWON, ZUHO, ROWOON, TAEYANG, HWIYOUNG, and CHANI, which debuted on October 16, 2016 with the song Fanfare“.  It is with the song Good guy that the latter have won their very first victories in the musical broadcasts. These victories were a great moment of emotion for the boys. In addition, we were able to see them on Kingdom, where they showed their many talents and their adaptability to different situations.

Journaliste: Charlène
Translator: Charlène
Source: FNC Entertainment

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