OH YUJIN x SHIN SEUNG TAE: A trot collaboration

OH YUJIN and SHIN SEUNG TAE have unveiled the scene for their new song “이소 보이소 사이소“.

OH YUJIN and SHIN SEUNG TAE, who appeared in KBS2’s “트롯 매직 유랑단 Trot Magic Wandering Squad“, airing at 10:30 pm on June 3rd, decorated the stage with their new song “오이소 보이소 사이소“, which is scheduled for release July 10th. OH YUJIN and SHIN SEUNG TAE, who first released their new songs on the show, performed the best performances with new chemistry by performing on stage.

On the show, OH YUJIN showed a cheerful performance with her sweet voice. Additionally, she drew attention by wearing a hanbok and showcasing oriental beauty. SHIN SEUNG TAE moved freely with the addicting melody and caught the admiration of viewers with his vivid expression. Plus, they added to the joy of looking at them, a colorful style.

오이소 보이소 사이소“, sung by OH YUJIN and SHIN SEUNG TAE, is a traditional Korean music dance song that uses house rhythms and traditional instruments, exhibiting that originality of Busan City with its dialect. From the 70s and 80s, the main consumers of trotting, to the MZ generation, icon of cultural consumption, whatever the age, “오이소 보이소 사이소” or “O.Bo.sa” provides the pleasure of traveling online .

오이소 보이소 사이소” which has attracted attention for the OH YUJIN and SHIN SEUNG TAE collaboration, will be released on various music sites on July 10th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KBS2

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