IKON: JAY, results are in

After mass tests between staff members and idols, the results were revealed and JAY who is a contact case, was diagnosed negative.

This July 6, the production company SHINWAVE announced that it would have to take a short break of two weeks, from July 7 to July 18, 2021, of their music radio “On air – Spin off” because after an investigation of the health authorities, there was a suspicion of transmission of coronavirus. The next day, July 7, the company YG ENTERAINMENT to confirm that the idol KIM JINHWAN tested negative after being in contact with his co-star on the show, MINHYUK of the group Noir was tested positive.

Meanwhile, he will remain in quarantine as well as his colleague Baek Ah Yeon who also tested negative, avoiding a possible contamination in the meantime.

Unveiled at the same time as former Gfriend member Yerin, JAY becomes the host of a popular radio drama show, scheduled to air between July 3 and August 15, several Korean celebrities have signed up to lend their voices during the show to reenact personal stories sent by the show’s audience. However, the show will be available for listening through tickets that you will find in the “Vlive store” on the platform “Naver Vlive”.

This may, for some, remind the drama “Radio romance” whose theme of this radio was well the interpretation by a known person of a story sent by a person in the audience.

While waiting for the show, you can still find JAY and the members of the group IKON on their various networks, being particularly active at the moment.

After their appearance on MNET’s “KINGDOM: Legendary war” the band has attracted a lot of attention and curiosity, the possibility of a comeback in the course of the year is not to be put aside, the members having fun making some hints.

If it is possible to listen to the show, would you listen to it?

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs
Source: Shinswave

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